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Language of Love / The meaning of Flowers & Flower Colors - by G Johnsons Floral Images


1.  Red & White Roses- Unity

2.  White Carnations- Pride, Beauty, Living for love

3.  Bird of Paradise- Magnificence

4.  Alstroemeria- Devotion, Friendship

5.  Bonsai / Topiary- Stability

6.  Red Tulips- Declaration of Love

7.  Ivy Plant- Wedded love, fidelity, friendship

8.  White Lilies- Purity, It's heaven to be with you

9.  Living Plant- Growth, Everlasting

10. Pink Rose- To my friend, perfect happiness

11. White Daisies- Innocence, Loyal Love

12. Sunflower- Loyalty

13. Stock- You'll always be beautiful to me

14. Gladiolas- Remembrance, strength

15. Stepahanotis- Happines in marriage

16. Statice- Lasting Beauty

17. Red Carnations- Deep Love, passion

18. Porcelana Roses- Admiration

19.Bronze Mums- Joy, Long-life, Truth, wonderful friend

20. Pink & White Roses- I love you still & always will

25. Sterlng Silver Roses- Love at first sight

30. White Rose- Purity

35. African Violets- Faithfulness

40. Red Roses Perfect love, respect

45. Blue Iris- Faith, wisdom, & Health

50. Yellow Roses- Joy, gladness & friendship

55. Calla- Magnificent beauty

60. Orchids- Love, Beauty, Mature Charm